Types of web hosting
Types of Web Hosting Services

In order for you to be able to determine which web hosting service is the best one for your business website, it is necessary for you to have a sound knowledge of the various types of web hosting services. 

No matter whether you are new or you already possess a well established Online business but want to take it to the next level, this knowledge will be required for sure. 

Hence, with a purpose to help you out, I have explained various types of web hosting services in this article. So just keep reading till the end…

Before moving ahead to get to know about the various types of web hosting services, it will be better if you first understand what actually web hosting is.

What Is Web Hosting?

For a website to be live, services like server, server management, support, backups, malware scanning, etc will be required.

All these things collectively form an infrastructure that helps a website to be live on the internet. And, web hosting is actually the process of providing this infrastructure to webmasters or website owners on rent.

The company that offers this service is known as a web hosting provider.

Types Of Web Hosting Services

Below I have put a light on the various types of web hosting services. It is recommended to go through each of them.

1)   Shared Web Hosting

In shared hosting, you will be provided space on a server that is already being shared by hundreds or thousands of other websites from other webmasters.

Types of web hosting


  • It Is The Most Affordable Web Hosting Service.
  • You Will Be Provided Proper Setup Support By The Hosting Provider.


  • Increased Traffic On Other Websites On Your Shared Server Will Decrease The Speed Of Your Website.

2)   VPS Web Hosting

VPS is an abbreviation of “Virtual Private Server”. In the case of VPS hosting also, the physical server provided to you will be having many websites being hosted on it apart from yours.

But the server will be having a number of virtual servers out of which you will be provided one for your website. And, the virtual server that will be provided to you will be only for your website.


  • It is more reliable as compared to the above mentioned shared web hosting.
  • There are generally 10-20 websites on a server.
  • An increase in traffic of other websites will not affect the speed or performance of your website.
  • It offers more customization and more flexibility as compared to shared hosting.


  • VPS web hosting service is very costly.
  • It requires you to have extra configuration skills to be able to properly manage your website on this types of web hosting service.

3)   Dedicated Web Hosting

In a dedicated web hosting, a whole server is dedicated to your website.

It simply means that the server on which your website will be hosted will be serving no other website except yours.


  • Your website will not be affected by the traffic on other websites because there is only your own website on your server.
  • It offers extra flexibility and customization facility.
  • You can choose the OS of your own choice.
  • You can also choose memory and other hardware resources of your own choice.


  • It is a very costly types of web hosting service.
  • You will need to be having a good knowledge of managing servers.

4)   Cloud Web Hosting

It is also referred to as Cloud VPS. That’s because the website is hosted on a virtual server just like VPS hosting.

But the difference between VPS web hosting and cloud web hosting is that there is no physical server in case of cloud web hosting.

Rather the website will be a part of a network of computers. And, from that network, the website can dynamically use as much power as it requires.


  • Your website is provided the resources which it actually requires at a particular time.
  • You pay only for what you end up consuming.
  • It offers better security as well.


  • The cost of this type of hosting is not fixed and you cannot even assume how much you will have to pay at the end of the day.
Some types of web hosting service provider

5)   Reseller Web Hosting

In case you want to resell the hosting space that you have rented from a web hosting provider, it is possible only with reseller web hosting.

Reseller web hosting is also like shared hosting but there are some extra tools that will be needed to resell the hosting space that you have rented or purchased.


  • There is great technical support.
  • You will be provided with free website templates.
  • You will be provided your own private name servers.


  • You will be successful in your business of hosting services only if the original hosting provider from where you have purchased the reseller hosting plan is providing a good service.

6)   Colocation Web Hosting

In case you have a dream of hosting your website on your own server hardware but are not able to provide power, physical security, cooling, and internet uplink to it, this web hosting is for you.

In this types of web hosting service, you will be given a rack space on rent in a datacenter. 

You will need to install your own server hardware and power, physical security, cooling and internet uplink will be provided by them.


  • It offers high capacity at a low cost.
  • It is secure and offers high flexibility as well


  • It requires the technical skills to manage servers.

7)   Self Service Web Hosting

In this type of web hosting, everything will be your own including data center, power, physical security, cooling and so on. 

And, you will have to handle the maintenance of everything because it is totally your own server which has been installed by you and has to be maintained by you only.


  • You will have full control over the server.
  • It is totally in your hand to decrease or increase the capacity of the server.
  • The operating system, as well as all the software installed, will also be in your control.


  • It requires you to have extra technical skills to manage your server.

8)   Managed WordPress Hosting

This type of web hosting is especially dedicated to WordPress websites. It will manage your WordPress website by keeping it updated and protecting it from various security threats.


  • You will be provided better security for your WordPress website.
  • It is less costly.


  • It supports only WordPress websites.

Final Words

So these are the most common and important types of web hosting services. Keeping in mind the various types mentioned above, you can easily decide which one is the best web hosting service for your own business website.