How to Earn money online with google : You can generate an income with sheer simplicity, thanks to technological advancements. 

Google is a vital asset that you should optimize to boost your revenue as it comes with virtually endless opportunities. 

All you need is a laptop and a stable internet connection to earn money online with Google. The best part is that the arrays of methods are seamless to use, and you can navigate the tabs effortlessly. 

Here are the best ways to earn money online in india that you can use to add some extra cash to your bank account.

how to earn money online with google

1. Google Adsense (Earn Money Online In India With Google Adsence)

Google Adsense has become popular over time since many bloggers globally use the platform to Earn money online with google.

Typically, you allow adverts on your website so that when someone clicks on the content, you get an income. Plus, you can monetize your page without a hassle as the Google Adsense features are free.

Your work will be to ensure that you have quality content as well as best Server or hosting speed that catches the readers’ attention.

Additionally, you can opt to monetize videos on YouTube, but there is a catch.

If you can generate 10,000 views on the videos, you automatically become eligible to join the lucrative program.

Earn Money Online with Google
earn money online with google

2. Google Opinion Rewards : Free Online surveys To Earn Money in India

You can also earn money online with Google by airing your views or opinions about products or services.

You take online surveys to rate the satisfaction of various items that you have used.

For starters, you have to download the Google Opinion Rewards app and sign in as well.

Then, you will get a notification asking you to participate in the task. When you complete the surveys, the money gets credited to PayPal or Google Play Store.

Earn Money Online with Google
earn money online with google

3. Selling eBooks on Google Play : Best Ways To Earn Money Online In India

If you have a way with your words, it could be your chance to earn money online with Google

You can write a book based on a genre that you like and upload it to the Google Play Store. 

Once you finish writing the content, you need to sign up at the Google Books Partner Program as an author or publisher.


When you get an acceptance, your book will be available to the target audience, and you will yield profits. 

They should be in EPUB or PDF formats for accessibility. You can start with poetry or short stories to check whether you will attract readers.

Earn Money Online with Google
earn money online with google

4. Adwords : Earn Money Online India

Google adwords is another strategic way to boost your income by using Google to increase traffic to your webpage. 

On that account, you need an active site that you write informative content for your readers. 

Then, you can create words that you are sure that users will search so that Google directs them to your website. 

Therefore, you need to do quick-fire research to ascertain the terms that are relevant to your niche. 

Google shows advertisements to visitors who intend to purchase your goods or services.

Earn Money Online with Google
earn money online with google

5. Selling Apps Via Google Play Store

You can create apps that people can use in various industries and sell them on the Google Play Store, it is Another Strategic Way To earn money online with Google

If you have an excellent idea to display, you need to open a merchant account so that you get credit for the applications. 

You can do that by optimizing Google Wallet that is available on the fantastic platform. What’s more, you can include ads so that you can make online money seamlessly.

Earn Money Online with Google
earn money online with google

6. Search Engine Evaluation

You can increase your income by becoming a search engine evaluator for Google. 

Typically, your work will be to ensure that the webpage has the right keywords so that visitors can easily find them. 

You will give a comprehensive report to Google so that the site can improve its content. The payment rate starts from $12 per hour and can increase if you do a great job. 

On that account, you can try your luck with Lionbridge, Leapforce, Appen, and iSoftStone as they work with Google.

7. G-Suite Referral

You can refer friends and family to G-suite so that you get money into your bank account. 

First, you need to register for the program so that you can get a referral link. 

Then, you will invite people to signup using your link to earn. Therefore, when you share the opportunity, the chances of make money online from home increase as well. 

The categories fall into two plans, the basic and business features.

8. Remote Careers

Google has remote careers that you can virtually take advantage of in your location. 

Engineers and software developers won’t miss getting a job or two as they are highly marketable right now due to digitization. Plus, you can get some work in administration and operation as well. 

You can regularly check on the job board and apply for the positions. If you are into freelancing, you can secure employment and earn money online with google via the platform.

9. Keyword Planner

Nowadays, keywords are the in-thing since many people use them to locate services near them. Google helps you to craft words that will drive traffic to your website. 

You need to be patient if you don’t see many people visiting your page. With time, you will be overwhelmed by the number of users seeking your goods or services. 

The best approach is to find relevant words that can generate more views so that you can get profits.

10. Blogging

It is a free platform that Google owns, where you can monetize it to add money to your savings account. 

Blogger is the best method if you have a considerable number of followers. This way, when they read your posts and comment on them, you get some dollars. 

You can also optimize ads, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing to make instant money online absolutely free, it is the best and priceless Strategic Way To earn money online with Google.

11. SEO Consultant

If you possess the skills that relate to search engine optimization, you have the upper hand of earning an income. 

SEO helps business owners to get more customers as the words drive web traffic to their sites. Thus, you can advise on the best keywords that they can utilize for successful projects.

Final Thoughts Earn Money Online with Google

Ultimately, Google is the leading platform that you can harness endless opportunities to Earn Money Online with Google and become financially secure. 

You only need to follow the instructions as per the sites so that you can operate them painlessly. The highlight is that it is free, and you don’t have to pay a dime to signup.